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Carefree Kids are working in partnership with Support from the Start administering the Bursary Scheme.


Support from the Start is committed to supporting young children's participation in local classes, regardless of family economic factors and have set up a bursary scheme for families of children age 0 to 8 years old.   This has been set up as a child's early years experiences are crucial to their development and one of our aims is to address inequalities that exist locally by giving children positive experiences so they develop a sense of belonging, become effective contributors and successful learners, along with their families contributing to their local community and feeling included.


The bursaries are for families with children aged 0-8 years who wish to attend classes/clubs or organisations in the local area, for example ballet, gymnastics, Brownies, dancing, swimming or Enjoyaball etc...  

We are  looking for local clubs and organisation with an interest in inclusion to be part of the bursary scheme by offering one or more bursary places. This would be a free space, for one or more of your activities / classes / coaching sessions, which could be offered to children through the bursary scheme.


As a club or organisation all you need to do is let us know how many bursaries you are able to offer,  we will do the rest in partnership with local professional who know the families that are in need.


To apply you must meet the following criteria and be referred by a Health Visitor, Social Worker, etc.


  • Children must be 0-8 years old / 0-18 years old (sports bursary)


  • Parents must be in receipt of benefits/on low income and be referred byeither their Health Visitor,                                                                       Head teacher or Community Development Officer or a related professional for consideration.


  • One bursary application per family.


If you require any additional information on this scheme or an application form, either contact a referral agent or directly to Carefree Kids.




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